Are you out of your Mind!?

Last weekend Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party gave the Keynote speech at the Pirate Parties International Conference in Friedrichshafen. The quite emotional speech is entitled “Why are you here?” Here are some quotes from it.

“Every 40 years a new generation needs to reconquer democracy.”

“Our politicians have lost the capacitiy to lie to us. And what we are fighting for will not give them back this ability.”

“We did not become politicians because we thougt it┬┤s a quick career move, but because we felt we had to.”

“Have fun and enjoy yourselves. If you are having fun, people will come and join you.”

In this manner, have fun and enjoy the video:

Whoever wants to see more frm Rick Falkvinge should have a look at the video “Copyright Industries vs. Civil Liberties”. There he takes a look back in typical Falkvingian manner to the fight for freedom of speech and civil liberties in the past centuries. He also enlightenes us about a question that was asked a lot after the invention of the printing press: “How will the monks get paid?” Does this ring a bell? ­čśë

He also held this speech at the Google Developers┬┤ Conference in 2007. It┬┤s quite a bit older but also longer. Watch it here on Google Video.



  1. RT @tarzun: Diese Bitterkeit, den Falkvinge reden zu h├Âren und den realen Zustand der deutschen #Piraten zu kennen. #seufz

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